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Ace of Wands: Ace Your Horniness & Vitality | by Jules Hazard

I’m not the first tarologist to come up with attributing horniness to Ace of Wands. Apart from all the mentions of this deep-rooted symbolism in serious literature… Well, just look at the imagery. A stick phallic in form held tight with a generous godly hand. Any ancient philosopher or mystic would find it evident that

Tarot and Cognitive Biases: Neuroscience of Magic | by Al Yen

There are three cognitive biases typically mentioned in the context of tarot: the Barnum Effect, the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, and the Pygmalion Effect. It is true that these phenomena make people more gullible when they encounter horoscopes, personality tests, and tarot readings. What is often overlooked though is how neuroscience can actually make the tarot cards a useful tool to make your brain work for you, not against you — when you are aware of how to use the cognitive biases behind tarot.