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julzzz hazard | poems found in Paris Select Pocket Guide 2019

exceptional makes itself to
compete with the heart
at the forefront of

Local Gay Writer Introduces Himself (by Jules Hazard)

I’d been many people before I became “gay writer and artist Jules Hazard”. As far as I’m concerned, Jules Hazard might also not be a thing for the rest of my days. The Internet makes it easy for struggling third-world dudes like me to emerge out of nowhere claiming any identity they relate to while staying as sexily mysterious private as I personally prefer to be. A welcome digital respite for those who, for any reason, lack the opportunity to manifest their true selves in real life.

julzzz hazard | dance

you dance
screaming your core out
revisiting your pain
that needs you to
burst with it
but still celebrating your bliss
of being alive
with your sharpest edges

julzzz hazard | good morning

i want to die with you
i won’t bear a single moment of silence
feelings and thoughts reaching out one-way
body disintegrating into soulless dust
with emptiness sucking on me
from the other end
of the line

i see you in every light | julzzz hazard

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universe (re)born | julzzz hazard

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julzzz hazard | don’t let me drift to sleep

would you please let me
steal your breath
only this once
though i’d constantly crave
for more
if you granted mercy

would you grant me

julzzz hazard | to blow one’s mind, p. 1-2

i want to
[blow your mind]
my hand slides lower
    behold me
    be my believer

julzzz hazard | “the hues of us”, basic colors

my eyeliner smeared
i cried from how i love you
or maybe
those were your wet kisses
against my eyelids
when you blessed me to
get some sleep in the taxi
on our late way home

julzzz hazard | haiku about space

doesn’t expulsion feel
unfathomably cold