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how to fertilize | al yen

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al yen | poems found in Paris Select Pocket Guide 2019

heat entire
winter with your lover. party
thank, give, and

Al Yen | Forces that hold and move

Entanglement aids development.
Exotic phases allow numerous experiments
when locally deformed.
On the molecular scale, imperfections
benefit momentum, destroy conventional
control, promise to 
spin stable patterns. This behavior contrasts 
with the ordinary. Alternate directions,
create hope, and the future
will allow for deeper circuits.

Local alien initiates first contact

I realized I’d been reborn as someone new when I saw myself in my lover’s eyes. Jules has always looked at me as if asking, What plane of yourself would you like to show me today? Who do you want to be right now? I can be skinless around him. I can be whoever I want. Isn’t it the ultimate freedom?

al yen | haiku

fate is told by lit
cosmic gas. universe wants
sky lanterns

choice | al yen

choice | visual poem by al yen

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al yen | hello [2]

sometimes our perceptions
i was convinced
the wall at the entrance was white
he objects
they’re green
his belief is

darklings | al yen

darklings | visual poem by al yen

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your candyboy’s dollhouse | by al yen

your candyboy’s dollhouse | photo edit by al yen Check out our art gallery!

island in space | al yen

island in space | digital art by al yen Check out our art gallery!

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