al yen | haiku

fate is told by lit
cosmic gas. universe wants
sky lanterns

choice | al yen

choice | visual poem by al yen

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al yen | hello [2]

sometimes our perceptions
i was convinced
the wall at the entrance was white
he objects
they’re green
his belief is

darklings | al yen

darklings | visual poem by al yen

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al yen | Galateo (sonnet)

let’s put away our mundane skins and masks.
unsmooth me from refine and public law
as if i were a mere piece of stone
you saw the art within. despite crevasse,

Local Gay Writer Introduces Himself (by Jules Hazard)

I’d been many people before I became “gay writer and artist Jules Hazard”. As far as I’m concerned, Jules Hazard might also not be a thing for the rest of my days. The Internet makes it easy for struggling third-world dudes like me to emerge out of nowhere claiming any identity they relate to while staying as sexily mysterious private as I personally prefer to be. A welcome digital respite for those who, for any reason, lack the opportunity to manifest their true selves in real life.

julzzz hazard | reincarnated

you could have been
a spider
you must have been
a pretty good one
to get reincarnated
into such a

julzzz hazard | dance

you dance
screaming your core out
revisiting your pain
that needs you to
burst with it
but still celebrating your bliss
of being alive
with your sharpest edges

julzzz hazard | Moses in the dark (sonnet)

how many solemn colors i contain
of tidal beauty in his feral psyche
i keep him closer, how i roughly like it
and watch the purple of his humming veins

julzzz hazard | high/low (ii)

want to drag you down
the steeps of underworld
as close as skin
to its magmatic bottom
‘cos Dante got it all wrong

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