Category: vocab

al yen | hello [2]

sometimes our perceptions
i was convinced
the wall at the entrance was white
he objects
they’re green
his belief is

julzzz hazard | dance

you dance
screaming your core out
revisiting your pain
that needs you to
burst with it
but still celebrating your bliss
of being alive
with your sharpest edges

julzzz hazard | love [1]

it’s you who keeps me hanging
       hold me tight
       hold me tight
love is a rope i tied around my legs
       keep me down
       keep me down 

julzzz hazard | to blow one’s mind, p. 1-2

i want to
[blow your mind]
my hand slides lower
    behold me
    be my believer

al yen | hello [1]

let me whisper into your ear
about how beautiful
your strawberry marks are
scattered across your skin
little gifts
for me
to find and
greet good morning
with my revering kisses